Monday, August 23, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 Preview

It's that time! I absolutely love the Miss Universe (U.S.A. and Teen U.S.A.) system with Donald Trump and company at the helm. Back in the day, I loved the Miss America pageant, mainly because of the talent competition category. Now, for what seems to be a decade, the Miss Universe system has bypassed Miss America by far and for many reasons. I like the idea of Miss Universe. It is one of the few places where so many countries are represented and in such a peaceful, professional - and let's just call it like it is, elegant way! For the first time this year, I really did my homework by reading up on all of the contestants and looking at their photos at the wonderful Miss Universe website. You can too by clicking HERE.

There you can see all the contestants, rate them and check out who the judges are and a bit about the show. The telecast is tonight, Monday, August 23 at 9pm on NBC and Telemundo. It will be live from Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas and hosted by Bret Michaels and Natalie Morales with a special performance for the Evening Gown category by John Legend & The Roots.

I am so proud and pleased that Miss U.S.A. is from my home state. Rima Fakih is the pride of Dearborn, Michigan and the first Arab-American to be crowned. That being said, in my personal 'judging' I remain open-minded and as unbiased as I can. LOL. All jokes aside, after my diligent review of all 83 contestants, here are my top twenty in alphabetical order. I encourage you all to get out your best notepad and pick your faves. Let the pageantry commence!

Miss Bolivia - Claudia Arce Lemaitre
Miss Brazil - Debora Lyra
Miss Colombia - Natalia Navarro
Miss Dominican Republic - Eva Arias
Miss France - Malika Menard
Miss Haiti - Sarodj Bertin
Miss India - Ushoshi Sengupta
Miss Ireland - Rozanna Purcell
Miss Jamaica - Yendi Phillips
Miss Mexico - Jimena Navarette
Miss Netherlands - Desiree van den Berg
Miss Peru - Giuliana Zevallos
Miss Philippines - Venus Raj
Miss Puerto Rico - Mariana Paola Vicente
Miss Russia - Irina Antonenko
Miss Spain - Adriana Reveron
Miss Thailand - Fonthip Watcharatrakul
Miss Trinidad & Tobago - LaToya Woods
Miss U.S.A. - Rima Fakih
Miss Venezuela - Marelisa Gibson

And - my top five after looking through all the contestants pages, scoring them and crunching numbers... MY top five before the telecast are: Philippines, Bolivia, Jamaica, Peru & Thailand... I will report my results as I go along this evening. Enjoy the show!


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