Friday, July 13, 2018



Drake's SCORPION is Breaking All Sorts of Records ...and Barriers

I thought I lost count when I watched this week's Hot 100 countdown. Not at all hating, but I just don't get it. 27 songs in the Hot 100 - that is almost a third! 7 in the top 10. That is 70%. He has been #1 with 1 of 3 songs non consecutively most of this year, save 3 or 4 weeks. I know he is good, but really? There used to be payola back in the day with radio stations. I just wonder with technology and streaming all being a big part of what charts. It makes me wonder sometimes. This would have never happened back in the day. Not even with The Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson or Mariah Carey in her hey day. 

That being said, one does have to take notice of this great accomplishment.  All five of his studio albums have topped the charts and this one, every one of the double album's 25 tracks charted in its first week of release.  I can't find fault in the smart push by his team and record execs for making sure music stream users 'encountered' his album and were able to give it a listen upon its initial release.  Nobody comes close to the ground he is breaking with each passing release.

It will be interesting to see how Grammy voters respond.  He deserves to finally get some recognition in the top General field categories ie Album and Record, maybe even Song of the year.  It took Grammy awhile to even nominate him, let alone give him a win.  He has 3 Grammy wins out of 27 nominations to date.  While I am not his biggest fan, I do appreciate his artistry and respect his ability to attract such mass appeal from a very broad fan base.  

Maybe the industry will not look upon his efforts with jealousy and embrace, even reward his efforts when awards season rolls around.  Sure, he will get a ton of fan base awards like American Music Awards and industry one like Billboard Music Awards, but I am now more interested to see what the Grammy voters do.  Streaming is obviously the future of the industry and rewarding him would be a huge nod to that notion as well.

Just some random thoughts on the current music industry fodder.

--Antonio Cassone