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COMING JANUARY 2018 - Writing Lines: Collected Poetic Works by Antonio Cassone

Marking their 17th published work, Writing Lines: Collected Poetic Works & Essays From A to Z 1992-2017, Antonio Cassone offers a look back at his body of work with musings about life, love and loss.  Presented alphabetically, as Cassone always likes for each piece to stand alone, this collection runs the gamut of emotion and displays a variety of insights from the writer’s authentic point of view.  It is a look at just an aspect of a career…thus far.  Front Cover Photo by C.A. McKenzie for McKenzie Bros. Photography.


ANTONIO CASSONE is an accomplished, best-selling author with 17 books to his credit, including WRITING LINES: COLLECTED POETIC WORKS & ESSAYS (2018); TRIBUTE (2017); MEMORIES MY GREAT UNCLE LEFT BEHIND (2017); RANDOM EVERYDAY INSPIRATIONS: THE THINGS AROUND US (photography) (2015); WHILE IN ATLANTA (photography) (2014); A CELEBRATED LOVE: THE MARRIAGE EQUALITY POEM… (2014); THE WARMTH OF CHRISTMAS (photography) (2013); HOW TO CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS…(2013), OPENING THE NAKED WINDOW (2008), book two of their memoir series and THE NAKED WINDOW: EXPOSED/REVELATIONS (2009), books three and four of the memoir series were released as a combo, along with BLUE SKY: ...WRITINGS FOR STEVEN… (2010),  RAMBLINGS FROM THE RAGGED EDGE (2013),  DIVA/CASSONE: A COLLECTION OF POETRY – THE RECONSTRUCTION EDITION (2013), LOOKING THROUGH THE NAKED WINDOW: THE RESTORATION CHRONICLES (2013), which is a re-issue of the first installment of the memoir series with a tighter edit and a bit of new material and ELOQUENT VERSIFICATIONS: POEMS MY FATHER LEFT ME (2013), a collaboration with his late father, Robert “Rocky” Cassone. CASSONE has over 200 poems published on various poetry websites and has been honored for his works by The International Society of Poets, Famous Poets, The International Library of Poetry and The Iliad Press.

ANTONIO CASSONE, originally from Detroit, is also a photographer and entertainer with a career enriched with many diverse projects since 1988. In the 1990s and 2000s, CASSONE produced, performed, wrote and co-directed two major, award-winning plays at 1515 Broadway in Detroit's theatre district; produced/performed/directed several fashion/variety shows and several spoken-word recordings including "Diva/Cassone," his first poetry cd.

He currently resides in South Florida and has a variety of other projects in the works.

He also started the Cassone2007 channel on YouTube with the 'web reality series' GETTING READY (which features a behind the scenes look at Cassone’s female impersonation career and other facets of the multi-faceted artist’s life), which is now in its 22nd season.  You can also find select spoken word recording/slideshows of works from TEARS AND THUNDER, DIVA/CASSONE, THE ECSTASY and BLUE SKY to name a few.  The channel also has select slideshows of Photography by Cassone.

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Writing Lines: Collected Poetic Works & Essays (2018)
Tribute (2017)
Memories My Great Uncle Left Behind (2017)
Random Everyday Inspirations: The Things Around Us – Photography by Cassone, Volume III (2015)
While in Atlanta – Photography by Cassone, Volume 2 (2014)
A Celebrated Love: The Marriage Equality Poem and Other Poems for Love, Lust, Purpose & Pride (2014)
The Warmth of Christmas – Photography by Cassone, Volume 1 (2013)
How to Celebrate Christmas When the World Doesn’t Stop Spinning (2013)
Eloquent Versifications – Poems My Father Left Me (with Robert “Rocky” Cassone) (2013)
Looking through the Naked Window: The Restoration Chronicles (2013)
Diva/Cassone: A Collection of Poetry – The Reconstruction Edition (2013)
Ramblings from the Ragged Edge (2013)
Blue Sky: Writings for Steven and Other People I Have Loved for So Long (2010)
The Naked Window: Exposed/Revelations (2009)
Opening the Naked Window (2008)
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Looking through the Naked Window (2006)*

Diva/Cassone (2005)*

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