Friday, October 15, 2010

God Bless the Little Beasts - Random Everyday Inspirations, Part One - Photography by Cassone

For my September 2010 feature, I put together images that reflect things and beings in my life that inspire me and help me get through the day. RANDOM EVERYDAY INSPIRATIONS is a collection of anything and everything, visuals and an array from the very simple (like a salt and pepper shaker on a kitchen table) to the complex (inside the center of a spotlight's strobe). Part One shows some living, breathing inspirations - the ones with four legs and a little growl. God Bless the Little Beasts showcases friends pets. Enjoy!

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Fred & Ricky
Handlers: Bob & Paul
Handlers: Bob & Paul
Handlers: David & Kevin
Man's Best Friends
Models: Mike 'Smurf' Lennon
with Sascha & Nicoletta
Handlers: Mama Theresa & Mark Rosen