Friday, July 23, 2010

Christmas in July, Part Two - Photography by Cassone's July 2010 Feature

"Home for the Holidays" with Decorations & Designs by Paul Miller with Bob Drews and David Paul Miller marks the second half of Photography by Cassone's July 2010 Feature. Miller & company's work were voted as Cassone's Feature of the Year for 2009 by a peer judges panel from when they were featured this past December. They also received the honor for the previous year in 2008. Paul Miller is an interior decorator and floral arranger and designer, Drews is his partner with quite an artisitic eye all their own and David Paul Miller is Paul's father, who is responsible for the handcrafted and hand painted figurines and that beautiful Nativity scene featured. As a photographer, I am always delighted to feature Miller & Company's work, whether for the holidays or his floral arrangements. Their work is always reflective of the season and such a breath of fresh air for me as an artist.

Home for the Holidays
Lead Designer/Decorator: Paul Miller
Assistant Designer/Decorator: Bob Drews
Handrafted Designs & Paintings of Figurines/Nativity Scene: David Paul Miller
Incidental Designs for Slideshow: Miss Susan
Location Producers: Paul Miller & Bob Drews
Photography & Video Slideshow Producer/Director & Editor: Antonio Cassone

"Home for the Holidays (Cover)"
"Santa's Storm"
"A Little House"
"A Little House II"
"Hopeful Santa"
"St. Nick 2010"
"Always Look Up With Hope and Wonder"
"Home for the Holidays (Town Square Edition)"
"Town Square Church"
"Small Town Church"
"Small Town Carolers"
"Town Square Christmas Tree"
"David Paul Miller's The Nativity (Original & Color)"
"David Paul Miller's The Nativity (B & W Treatment)"
David Paul Miller's The Nativity: First Family
"David Paul Miller's The Nativity: The Good Shepherd"
"David Paul Miller's The Nativity II"
"The Living Room"
"Red, White & Green"
"Home for the Holidays: Exterior Edition"
"The Edge"
"The Welcome Wreath"
"A Christmas Tree"
"Ricky in the Middle"
"The Cozy Warmth of Home"
"Tree By the Window"
"The Dining Room"
"Fruits & Berries"
"The Bob Drews I"
"The Bob Drews II"
"Candle in the Night"
"Bell Santa"
"Small Town Caroler"
"Small Town Choir Mistress"
"Small Town Choir Master"
"The Florida Tree"
"The Florida Tree Diva Margarita"