Friday, June 18, 2010

Model: German - March 2010 Photography by Cassone Feature

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As I catch up on various projects, I wanted to share my photography feature from March 2010. I will be posting more of my archives on this blogsite in the next few months. I would have done this sooner, but I finally decided to start cataloging all of my works - you know, assigning a number to each photo then filing it away... an arduous task, but now that I am getting a hold on it the results are making me so much more organized! I am happy about that :>))

German Martinez, Model
A.D., Location Producer
Antonio Cassone, Photographer

Very rarely do I do a test shoot with a model and right away know it will become a feature. German Martinez is my feature from March 2010. This man of a thousand faces creates mood within seconds transforming himself between comedic to pure, surefire drama. A rare, seemingly untapped talent.

"FEAR" (framed)
"i think somebody's watching me"

"Losing All His Marbles"
"German Martinez"
"The Rotator File"