Thursday, July 11, 2013


Well, I have pushed the button to officially release the book, LOOKING THROUGH THE NAKED WINDOW: THE RESTORATION CHRONICLES (again, simultaneously in both Paperback and Kindle editions) and they should be available on Amazon within the next week.  FINALLY, through the new publisher, the first book of my memoir series will reach a much wider audience.  I thank you for your patience with me in my tweaking, as I did a bit of a re-write in some places and I am readying myself to write the next installment.  I cannot begin to tell you how GREAT IT FEELS to release it all to you, my friends, fans and family.  You have no idea how much I appreciate your support of my books this year and I look forward to reading “the one with the dirt!”  Of course, I will post when it is fully available, and you can always visit my Author page at Amazon for this and all of my other titles.  Thank you, AGAIN, for all your love, encouragement and support.  NOW, I can’t wait till you all can get your paws on THIS one.  Oh my!!!!

In his eighth published work, ANTONIO CASSONE invites you to revisit ‘the first season’ of his personal memoir series, where each book is a season and each chapter is an episode. “What if your life were a weekly drama series on television—or in my case made for cable?” This is the question he asks his beloved readers and how he tells his dramatic memoir.  In this re-production of the first installment of the series he covers, in plain English, how he grew up faced with peer pressure, sexual frustration, and a lifelong identity crisis. He tells of a life lived with much regret and exposes his deepest, innermost feeling becoming “naked” to the world. “The Restoration Chronicles” edition of this volume of LOOKING THROUGH THE NAKED WINDOW is a tighter edit of the original work with a few new details.  Just like the other books of the series, there is no turning back. Once you enter this gritty tale, it promises to hook you no matter what background you come from or what path your life has taken you. All lives lead to a desire for fulfillment, a chronicling for telling, and an understanding desire for acceptance. He dares to take a look deep within and promises to go further than his own expectations.