Saturday, April 17, 2010

And the Winner Is...: The Judges Make It a Repeat Winner for Feature, First-timer for Best Picture

The 2010 Cassone Channel Honors awards year begins with two new categories. The past three years, I chose my Photography by Cassone Feature of the Year based on feedback from guests at my websites. This year I have decided to open this process up and include this category in my annual Cassone Channel Honors. The Cassone Channel Honors program began last year as a way for me to reward the many friends, artists, et al who have assisted me in bringing my art to you i.e. my photography, videos, and other visual media.

For Feature of the Year, I had eleven who met the requirements as a full feature of the 12 I posted to my websites in 2009. These 11 were part of a nominations process that was open to the public. The top five vote getters are the nominees and the eventual winner was selected by a judges panel of artists, industry peers, professionals, a couple of select visitors to my sites and a past Feature of the Year winner. Past winners in this category are: Diva Kingsley (2006); Anya Allen (2007) and Decorations and Designs by Paul Miller (2009).

For Best Picture, this is a new category and it is for any one single photo I took and posted in the eligibility year. Again, 26 photos were in the running during the nominations process that was open to the public. The top six vote getters are the nominees and the judges panel decided the eventual winner.

Winners receive a trophy and the honor. Any individual or company who had something to do in the creation of the individual pieces and features are included in the nomination and honor.

I am proud to announce the winners in these two categories are:


Paul Miller, Decorator & Designer
Bob Drews, Decorator
David Paul Miller, Painting
Antonio Cassone, Photographer

Check out the slideshows created from our Feature of the Year collaborative works:


Katherine Myler, Location Producer
Antonio Cassone, Photographer

Check out the full collaboration slideshow with Myler at


AHMED W. KHAN is an award-winning photographer from Karachi, Pakistan. This amazing artist has won 4 Daily Deviation Awards, was the winner in 2008’s Think Pink Contest (1st Prize – Photography) and Winner – Conceptual Photography. Check out his masterful works at

ALMA VIERA hails from El Paso, Texas. This 39-year-old wife, mother and dog lover considers herself a true friend who enjoys dancing, parties, Tequila and the paranormal (she sees dead people…lol). Her favorite music comes from the 70s and 80s with a splash of Tina Turner and Tex Mex King Little Joe. This spirited lady (HEY! That’s Boss Lady to YOU) knows God has some big plans for her, but needs to get where He needs her to be…which is what she is working on. She is the ‘everyday’ person on our judge’s panel. I selected her because she has been a devoted friend and fan, who knows my work inside and out. Sometimes pointing things out to me with an objective eye. Always good for us artistic types. You can find Alma on FACEBOOK.

After 8 Media article by Gary Jamerson for After 8 Media (Thanks, Gary):

This charismatic model Angelus they call the Dark Knight is everything you want from a male model. He has an ability to perform without reservation; professionalism with an ability to bring into focus a realism that gets the buyer exactly what they want. Angelus paid his dues through hard dedicated work, making the right connections and only working with the best talent around to insure his path to success stays on the straight and narrow.

The word contradiction comes to mind when you first encounter who he is and what he wants from his place here on the planet. And you would be surprised at the fact that he’s more in tune to who he is and what he wants from a perspective that most of us are oblivious to. To Angelus it’s perfectly sane to want to be more than one personality at the same time, albeit this would raise a question with the too many one dimensional minds that seem to be just about everyone without the outlook and passion to achieve the best they can, or obtain the best from life. Angelus’s paradox reminds me of many strong minded individuals I have met in my life who have reached the pinnacle of success at early stages of life, 32 to be exact for the Dark Knight.

I enjoy the brief and sometimes long conversations with Angelus discussing business, photography, modeling, etc. And often send positive vibes his way because we all need to have somebody’s back so to speak. He’s a man on a mission; a family man, and uncle to a beautiful newborn niece. Life is Ok when you simply put things in the proper perspective, at least Angelus believes so, and so do I!

GQ and All Things Considered

ANYA ALLEN is a former Feature of the Year – Photography by Cassone Winner (2007), was one of Cassone’s first models and is currently studying for her Bachelors. Check out our work together at

Dubbed Marketing Mastermind, DAIMION JOHN PEPPERS is one of New York City’s go to guys for bringing creative events to life. With his 15 years of experience in the entertainment business, D. Peppers has produced everything from corporate events to photo shoots and fashion shows. His keen eye to see past the walls of the box and conceptualize the possibilities outside of the box is exactly what sets him apart from the rest.

"Accentuate Your Possibilities" Daimion John Peppers.

Web Site:
We Are The Future,

DANIEL CONROY has been an accomplished social worker for fifteen years, providing services to enrich and assist people to live better lives. Dan has a diverse artistic side, dabbles in the arts and has helped young children through art to express their thoughts and feelings. He was asked to be on this year’s panel by his brother, Cassone, because he knows the photographer's work and because of his ability to critique art in a fair and decisive manner. Both brothers were honored to take on and go through this selection process.

DEVIN SCILLIAN is an award-winning journalist, author and musician. As a journalist, he anchors the news for WDIV-TV, the NBC affiliate in Detroit. His assignments have taken him all over the country and all over the world. He's a two-time winner of the Edward R. Murrow Award, one of the highest honors in broadcast journalism.
He's also the author of twelve children's books, including the national bestseller "A is for America." Check out his website at

DRAVADAN DHARDJHAN is an accomplished model based out of Atlanta and Los Angeles. His unique style and ability to create different looks/characters sets him apart from some of his contemporaries. This is displayed in one of his select galleries at

A Northern Virginia native, EDDIE NICHOLSON is a well-known violist in the Chicago land area. Starting out on the double bass at the age of ten, Eddie had began to teach himself the viola at the age of twelve, which later would earn him numerous principle roles later on in life. Eddie’s dreams and focus of making great music for all to enjoy has always been his ultimate goal in taking up any instrument. Residing now in Chicago, Eddie performs as a free-lance musician as well as educator to various age groups and physical status such as the deaf and blind. He can be seen performing regularly with the Peoria Symphony and a few mixed ensembles.

JAMES BLAKSTAR JOHN is an accomplished Music Producer-DJ-Event Organizer from the United Kingdom. His latest hit is the infectious, dance tune Smile featuring Deon Nathan. Check out his website for free music downloads, videos, events and photos from his various works.

RICHM RICH aka "The Rich M. Project", a game changer of photography in the Southern U.S. region is an accomplished photographer based out of Charlotte, NC. With a portfolio of hundreds of models so far, talent has come all across the country to shoot with Rich M. specializing in shoots of nude, portrait, studio, outdoor and atmospheric shots. Models have used these uncommon and memorable pictures of work to help advance their career through the eyes and energy of Rich M. Check out his works at

While we have our winners, I do want to acknowledge the judges who also made comments while they were casting their votes. The Best Picture category winner had an overwhelming lead over it’s competition. However, Feature of the Year had one vote between the second place finisher and then one vote between second and third place. It was very close.

Voting for A Walk on the Beach for Best Picture, Daimion John Peppers said, “The image shows the earths 3 most amazing elements... Land, Water and Sky.”

Angelus selected Headliner, the image of Nancy Ross was also used for flyers when I hosted her show at Monkey Business one month this past summer. Of it, Copeland said, “Headliner. This one I almost want to rename it ‘Transformation.’ Having been a performer/actor I can see the reality of when you walk onto the stage. The person you are before hitting the stage, sometimes unsure, other times, excited...then mentally transforms into the Superstar in front of the audience, calculating and definitive. As if that other person doesn't even exist. It's a very surreal moment. The photo-style and angle of view capture this moment.”

For the category’s winner, …a few raindrops, location producer Katherine Myler wins her first Cassone Channel Honor. I was very pleased to share this with her, as if it were not for her this shot would not have ever happened. It was the first time I challenged myself for this sort of shot. It had just rained and I wanted to capture the simplicity and beauty of the moment. From our judges panel, Dravadan Dhardjhan said, “Simple, exquisite, immortal beauty. In this time of dwindling rainforests and challenged ecologies, there is nothing more precious than our resonance with a bloom in season.” While Anya Allen quipped, “I truly love this pic.”

For Feature of the Year, regarding Mariana Suarez judge Dravadan Dhardjan said, “There is a freshness and joy of life in the images of Mariana. It is a celebration of the young goddess enjoying her humanity. Yes, ‘mystical’.”

For the category’s winner, this marks a repeat for Paul Miller’s Designs and Decorations, as he was my Feature of the Year 2008. This marks Paul’s second Cassone Channel Honor. Sharing the award with him is his partner and decorator, Bob Drews with his fifth Cassone Channel Honor and Paul’s father, David Paul Miller, who handcrafted and painted a lot of the pieces featured in the set winning his first Cassone Channel Honor. This marks a first in our continuing formation of The Cassone Channel Honors history, the senior Miller is now the eldest to win a Cassone Channel Honor. He just celebrated his 80th birthday. From the judges panel Angelus Copeland said, “I like the Decorations series by Paul Miller with Bob Drews and David Miller. Very soulful and inspiring, even fun at times. His work invokes the spirit and character of the subject.”

I am pleased that my judges participated. I can’t thank them enough. This was a first for me and it was quite a process. I learned a lot and, of course, will be making a few adjustments next year to improve the process for future judge panels.

Congratulations to the winners!