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WINNERS - Photography by Cassone Categories - 2011 Cassone Channel Honors

My judges panel unwittingly spread the wealth across my four photography categories, which kick off the 2011 Cassone Channel Honors. A little history was made with Feature of the Year... youngest winner ever (25) and 4 of my past 5 winners features were from the month of December, Diva Kingsley's was in July the year they took the top honor (the first, from the 2005 eligibility year). I am so glad that I stuck to my judges panel this year. The behind the scenes process isn't as easy as one would think. There is a lot of trust for one, then I have to fore go those around me who for whatever reason they feel they are not my peer.

That is where my theatre background comes into play - you know - leave your ego at the door. No, I am not the best photographer, far from it - and that isn't the purpose behind my Cassone Channel Honors in the the first place. It is to reward those artists, models, tech geeks and location producers who help me do what I do. And, by looking at the results, I couldn't be happier. Thank you to my judges who did follow through what they said they were going to do - and that was simply, very simply to choose a winner in each category that they thought was the best.

And the winners are:


German Martinez, model
A.D., location producer
Antonio Cassone, photographer

Take a Long Walk...
John W. Cheeves III, location producer
Antonio Cassone, photographer
The Vampire Set: Death at Sunrise
Robert Haines, model, vampire makeup & wardrobe styling
A.D., location producer
Antonio Cassone, photographer & special effects

LaurieAnna, model, hair, makeup & wardrobe styling
A.D., location producer
Antonio Cassone, photographer

My Judges:

(*) denotes second year in a row judging my photography categories.

Some have websites - be sure to check out their work. There is a lot of talent here.

ANYA ALLEN*, past Feature of the Year winner, Anya took the top honors for the eligibility year 2006.

DANIEL CONROY*, my brother is and will always be my family representative when it comes to anything like this; by trade he is a social worker, but his artistic eye puts him with a handful of people I personally rely on to tell me what's good and what is simply trash.

ANGELUS COPELAND*, is a marketing, media, modeling and fashion industry genius. He always brings a bit of flair to the table. Check out his latest at

BOB DREWS, is a 7-time Cassone Channel Honors winner, as well as part of my photography Feature of the Year winning team the past three years (Drews, along with design Paul Miller & David Paul Miller took that honor for eligibility years 2007, 2008 & 2009) - as a past winner this makes him eligible to sit on my judges panel any time he is not in contention.

ENTITY, is an up and coming hip-hop/rap music artist direct from my hometown, Detroit. CLICK here to check out his latest mixtape available on iTunes, Amazon and other online retailers.

AHMED W. KHAN*, hails from Karachi, Pakistan, however artistically speaking I, at times, feel like we are in the same room. His work is simply sublime. He is a GENIUS. Click here to see his website. Click here to see more and become a fan of his on Facebook. Click here to see his technique in action.

DEBORAH MATTHEWS, this author, public speaker and spiritual house mother to the world will uplift you in so many ways; whether musically, with a positive thought or vibe you truly feel one within the universe when around her. Check out Deborah's website. Become a fan of hers on Facebook.

FELISZA NICHOLS, cinematographer, photographer and overall theatre brat... I love her passion for the visual arts.

REUBEN PEREIRA, a film critic that I am proud to know and have watched grow as his artistic eye develops quicker than the normal pace - and he doesn't even know it (and that is a good thing). I actually rely on his opinion more often than not when selecting a film to see. Move over Ebert and company... Check out some of his opines on movies here.

RICH M RICH*, is a photographer that can give us all a master class in male models ...and how to shoot them. Check out his website here.

ALMA VIERA*, represents my fan base very well. She started as a fan and has become a close friend that I can rely on. Besides, she truly pays attention - she could tell you things about my web reality series, Getting Ready, that I don't even know. I appreciate her ...and her eye for details.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

David Ace Mitchum in THE BOUDOIR SET - Photography by Cassone February 2011 Feature

This hot and cold, moody styled model gave just the warmth we wanted for this little set that caps off my February 2011 photography feature of Miami-based model, David Ace Mitchum. Here he played both enough naughty with just enough nice...

David Ace Mitchum, Part Three - Photography by Cassone February 2011 Feature

Part three of my February 2011 photography feature of Miami-based model, David Ace Mitchum, 23.


Ace in B&W, Part Two

Here are the black and white images from part two of my February 2011 photography feature of model David "Ace" Mitchum.

Ace in Sepia, Part Two

More of Ace in Sepia from part two of my February 2011 photography feature, model David "Ace" Mitchum.


Sunday, February 20, 2011