Saturday, July 17, 2010

Christmas in July, Part One - Photography by Cassone's July 2010 Feature

My July 2010 photography feature celebrates Christmas in July by showcasing re-edited or never before released photos from this past December and January's features. In December, I featured the wonderful, masterful work of Paul Miller Designs & Decorations with Bob Drews and David Paul Miller, which ended up being awarded my Feature of the Year for the second year in a row. This time that honor was decided on by a panel of judges, which consisted of peer photographers, designers, a former feature of the year and other industry professionals. Then, in January, I featured the fascinating work of Pat & Carol's Blow-Up Air Balloon Collection from my visit to their home on Christmas day. Part One of the Christmas in July feature highlights Pat & Carol's amazing and fun blow-up air balloon collection.


A Celebration
The Assist
Ride On, Mickey!
Hi-Ho, Mickey!
The Nativity (Blow-Up)
Sunshine Winnie
Sunshine Winnie II
Mickey, Snowman & Minnie Bubble
Happy to See You
Season's Greetings
Charlie Brown, Snoopy & Woodstock
Happy Holidays from Minnie
Happy Holidays from Mickey
Happy Holidays from Daffy
Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas? (full)
Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas? (close)
This Ain't No Sleigh!
Cheery Santa
Santa and His Backyard Band
Sailboat Santa
Ride, Frosty, Ride!
Santa's Tree Lot
Santa Has a Present for You
Lovable Polar Santa
A Christmas Tree
Santa's Tree Lot (framed)

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Vampire Set Starring Model: Rob - Photography by Cassone's June 2010 Feature, Part Two

Rob wanted to us both to reach different levels; as he model, and I, photographer, created The Vampire Set. I had never done, let alone, considered doing such a shoot and creating a vibe for the mood of such a dark subject. I usually shoot pretty women, cute fellas, glossed over queens, flowers and pets. Vampires and skulls and leather - OH MY! In creating the sound design for the video slide show, I went even deeper into the mood and feel of the project. Fun, yes; creepy, definitely! Now I know how some horror film directors may feel when they create their little masterpieces. Shot the same day as part one of my June feature, it showed me as a photographer the growth on Rob's part as a performer and model. He has come a long way from when we performed on shows together back in our hometown of Detroit - and he wasn't chopped liver back then either. Always a consummate professional, this time he came with a boatload of ideas all his own and I was delighted to once again be blessed to work with a model with a vision. We certainly pushed each other's proverbial envelopes and went much deeper into an artistic darkness, to proudly bring you The Vampire Set.


The Vampire Set
Model, Makeup & Wardrobe Styling: Rob
Location Producer: A.D.
Photographer, Video Slideshow Producer, Director & Sound Mixer: Antonio Cassone

"The Tragedy of It All"
"Look Up in Angst"
"Cast Aside"
"Ready to Strike"
"Evening is Falling (sepia)"
"Evening is Falling (red)"
"The Tragedy of It All (B & W)"
"Come Undone"
"Detroit Vamp"
"Sunrise is Coming"
"Sunrise a.k.a. Death of a Vampire"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Model: Rob - Photography by Cassone's June 2010 Feature, Part 1

I am proud to bring you the first set of two of Model: Rob - Photography by Cassone's June 2010 Feature, which marks the male model, chef and artist's second time being featured on my site's. Volume 1 features the sets "Rob," "late afternoon visitor," "Art is Life...," (the model's mantra in life), 'the boudoir set," "A Little Help Around the House" and "The Yard". Rob was featured for the first time in January 2009. He is originally from Detroit and now calls Fort Lauderdale home.

Model: Rob - Photography by Cassone's June 2010 Feature

Model & Wardrobe Styling: Rob
Location Producer: A.D.
Photographer: Antonio Cassone

"late afternoon visitor 1"
"A Final Look"
"An Adjustment"
"Surveying the Lane"
"late afternoon visitor (red)"
"Come Hither"
"A Glance"
"Art is Life"
"The Boudoir Set: Lay Me Down"
"The Boudoir Set: At You"
"The Boudoir Set: I Dare"
"The Boudoir Set: RED"
"A Little Help Around the House: Contemplation"
"The Yard" Rob (B&W)"
"The Yard" Rob (Sepia in Color)"
"The Yard: Working Man"
"The Yard: Bricks"
"The Yard: The Heat!"