Tuesday, February 1, 2011

GRAMMY WATCH - Dance and Traditional Pop Music Categories - Picks & Predictions

While I may be gaga over Lady GaGa, I wonder about how the Academy may feel about her. Seeing as the jury is still out as to why Bad Romance wasn't a Record or Song of the Year nominee - it is tough to call her as the winner in the wee dance cat. That being said, I am hopeful. As for Traditional Pop - Michael Buble seems to be the popular choice, I am always a fan of Barbra Striesand - and, hey, Johnny Mathis has never even won a Grammy Award, although he is in the Recording Academy's prestigious Hall of Fame - I think he is way overdue, as he still sounds as smooth as silk. We shall see, if Grammy does the right thing here.

Don't bet on it though.

Best Dance Recording

My Pick: DANCE IN THE DARK - Lady Gaga; Fernando Garibay & Lady Gaga, producers; Robert Orton, mixer (Track from: The Fame Monster) [Streamline/KonLive/Cherrytree/Interscope]

My Prediction: ONLY GIRL (IN THE WORLD) - Rihanna [Island Def Jam]

And don't count out LaRoux - they are the only ones in this category nominated for Best Electronic/Dance Album - so they may pull an upset...BUT, I think Rihanna's ties with R&B, Rap & Pop voting members will pull her through over La GaGa.

Best Electronic/Dance Album

My Pick & Prediction: FURTHER - [Astralwerks] - The Chemical Brothers

Chemical Brothers is well known and beloved in this category. However, and again, don't count out LaRoux. People who didn't for them in the previous category may think they are worthy here. And then there is always Groove Armada - just depends how electronic they want to go here.

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album

My Pick & Prediction: LET IT BE ME: MATHIS IN NASHVILLE - Johnny Mathis
[Columbia Records]

I really want Mathis to win, so I will predict him...lol, as if that will make it so. Michael Buble, Barry Manilow, Rod Stewart & Barbra Streisand are all here - WOW! What a competition, when you really look at it. Shall be interesting... Part of me still thinks Buble really, but I am putting the positive vibes in the universe to finally give Mr. Mathis his due already.