Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween - Photography by Cassone October 2011 Feature

My October 2011 photography feature.

Check out the video slideshow for this feature at

Location Producer/Decorations: Gus Sanchez
Set Decorators: Dee Dee Van Carter, TheVanity Flair
Stage Lighting Design?Decoration: Lee Schuco, Dee Dee Van Carter
Stage Lighting Operator: William "Sunshine" Ott Frederick
Photography, Editing, Effects, Video Slideshow Producer, Director, Sound Design/Mixing & Editor: Antonio Cassone

Hallowed Hall

Hallowed Hall Profile

Sir Skelt

Sir Skelt II (B&W)

Sir Skelt II

Hallowed Hall Chandelier


Lucretia II

Mutt and Jeff

A Bit of Face Time



Lurking from the Shadows

Where's My Mummy?

Red Demon