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DIVA/CASSONE: A Collection of Poetry - The Reconstruction Edition - Poetry book by Antonio Cassone

In their seventh publication (a reproduction of their first volume of poetry with selected new works), Antonio Cassone breathes new life into the original work and shares even more insights about life and paying tribute to special people in the author’s life. The book covers a wide array of topics. Nature, divas, friendship, toxic relationships, politics are covered in this work. Throughout are various selections about diverse forms of love – being in it, discovering it, losing it, desiring ‘thug’ passion and the ecstatic heat from it, fatal lust and even the death of love itself. Included is a mini-collection, ”The FLIP Series,” along with a few individual ones about a gay man’s desire for a ‘straight’ or heterosexual man in their life that he can’t ‘be with’ and the repressed feelings that go with it – in order to save face and at least have a friendship. As is custom with Cassone’s previous works there are many tributes. The living tributes are to an NBA basketball player, a MMA fighter, several legendary entertainers from Detroit’s female impersonation circuit, a lady who is like a second mother, a couple of impressive past co-workers, the Performers Awards of Detroit & Cassone’s friend for nearly 30 years, Diva Kingsley. There are also several tributes to those who have passed on including friends, parents of friends who inspired the writer and a “very dear one” with a back story from the author’s blog. Finally, Cassone’s commemorative 9/11 poem, Tears Shrouded in Shards of Debris, also along with a back story article; a comedic piece about The Milk Man, contemporary women, a sermon and a visit to Hell cement the variety of this collection. It is rounded out with a couple of answers to where it all comes from (the inspiration) for the artist. Born and raised in Detroit, now living in Fort Lauderdale, Cassone brings you this collection of poetic works as a “heart-piece” from the gracious writer to you, their ever accepting and growing readership.

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R.A.W. - photos by C.A. McKenzie

RAW; 2005-06; Detroit, MI, USA
Antonio Cassone, model
Photo by C.A. McKenzie
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Cassone 1990s to Early 2000s

Select photos from the past, primarily way back when... from Detroit, my beloved hometown.

Various photographers.

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backstage at Stilettos; Inkster MI; circa 1999

a sketch a fan did for me - thanks Rue Wilson smile emoticon

backstage at Rainbow Room; circa 2000

 backstage at Rainbow Room with my son in show David Davison aka Nkosi Figueroa :)- circa 2001

backstage at Rainbow Room; circa 2000 - outfit was from Destiny T. Hunter another sister in show

Cassone aka "Miranda Davison" (who's she? LOL); aka Miss Sam's Tiffany's Eternity (1999-2000)

MADE (2002)
Photo by Steven Albert

MADE (2002) (B&W)
Photo by Steven Albert

at Club 246; Detroit, MI; 1997
- photo by my MOM - YAY, Sharon L. Cassone

Miss Other Side Lounge 2000 (I think) talent w/ Adam & Billy;
hair, makeup & photo by Diva D Iva Kingsley

backstage at Stiletto's; 2000

Cassone 2002
photo by Steven Albert

ready to go at Regine's Off the Park; Detroit, MI circa 2002

Miss Other Side Lounge 2000ish lol - Evening Gown Competition
- hair & makeup by Diva D Iva Kingsley
- jewels and other bling by Nickki Stevens and her Mom

oooh, blonde lol - photo by Diva Kinsgley - circa 1996

EYE 1996

Cassone 2000
outfit by Destiny Hunter

Cassone 2000

 backstage at Spellbound & Speechless; 1997

OLD CASSONE PROMO - I mean OLD! like 1994 OLD

Blonde Ambition 1995;
hair, makeup and photo by Diva Kingsley

I think this was the first time (or one of them) Diva Kingsley played with glitter
on my face like back in 1992 or something... wow... lol

 Cassone 2000

Blonde Ambition 1995;
hair, makeup and photo by Diva Kingsley