Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Preview: America's Got Talent Finalists Revealed Tonight (My Picks)

Tonight, the Top 4 finalists for America's Got Talent, the series is the summer's runaway ratings winner again according to Nielsen Media. It is no wonder, especially with the talent the show had this season. Sure not all of them are runaway star's, but the variety sure was refreshing. Early on, my favorite, was body popper/dancer, Haspop, but he didn't make the Top 10. His performances were sure fun to watch. I know I can't move like that. All along, Fighting Gravity has been on my radar and with Haspop out of it, they are who I think should get that tour, the prize money and the Las Vegas show. Any of these entertainer's/acts that made it as far in the competition, definitely have their books getting filled. Jackie Evancho, the ten year old opera singer has certainly got talent and the momentum, but I can't see building a whole Vegas show around her. Not taking anything from her, this just makes me wonder about the show not having an age limit. It could work for or against her, but I won't be surprised if the 'cute little angel' factor doesn't push her all the way to the top. Aside from those two, the field seems to open up a bit.

The 'reveal' show airs tonight on NBC at 9pm EST with Nick Cannon as host and the judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osborne and Howie Mandel. Although, they are no longer in the process of, it is up to the people. Since I am a 'people' - here is My Top 4!

Fighting Gravity
Prince Poppycock
Michael Grasso
Jackie Evancho

We shall see who get's in for real, for real, but these four would make the Finals next week so much more interesting to me. Besides, they deserve to be there.

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