Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Stalker Blues

The Stalker Blues

Trade trade go away
Never ever return to me
Never darken my door again
Leave me the hell alone; set me free

You're simply, very simply: No Good!
Now I see you never were, really
I gave in like you knew I would
Fear was my given theory

Men like you don't care
You are just toxic
Taking from within me
Urges are what make you tick

You think your body is enough
Feel like you're all that
Doin' me - forced: in a rush
I deserve better, as a matter of fact

Showing up at my place
Disturbing the peace
All up in my face
Next time, I'm calling the police

You threaten merely by your presence
You're obsessive, callous and cruel
Making faces, tongue flickering lies with a vengeance
Thinking I must be some kind of fool

Brief encounters are all we had, and you know it
Just a few seem to come to mind in this fable
You have illusions about us; you can't deny it
Wanting me to play your game of happy couple

In truth, I have been nothing more than a depository
I wonder in angst when you will leave me alone
I barely sleep, with one eye fixed open - firmly
Knife under bed, wooden spoon in tow; one ear to phone

Why do you cause so much drama, confusion and strife?
Wither into the murky depths of cloud funk you rode in on
I need to move on and up and forward, get on with my life
Not be mired down, depressed, agonized and withdrawn

As you grab my hair with big hands; you touch - rashly
I scold you to go on, get on... as if to the dog you are
Do you think I consider you friend now, let alone family?
The more you follow the more I hide away near and far

It's over, you messed it up; I'm droppin' you like a bad habit
Just go, go on...get out; would you just go away?
Disappear...; you pushed and I have reached my limit
Just leave me alone; that is my wish for today.

Antonio Cassone

Copyright 2009 © Antonio Cassone
All Rights Reserved - Antonio Cassone


Sometimes I feel like I am falling

It’s a dark, cold and quiet place

Clawing and clinging to the nothingness of air

At a rapid and intense pace

Endless, it seems, as I try to analyze

Why this is happening to me

And why I don’t just let it be

Just accept this and fall, feeling free

Forget that, I just can’t be

I refuse to be fearful and crippled

My heart aching and soul riddled

I tire of feeling stuck in a rut, in the middle

Eyes wide open now, I search and seek

For a light, that I may or may not find

Twisting and turning, body thrusting on a wind

Carefree of what is truly on my mind

Sometimes I hear your soothing voice calling

And even though I feel I am failing at the race

Grabbing and grasping to the hopefulness out there

Receiving your forgiveness and abundance of grace

Copyright ©2009 Antonio Cassone - All Rights Reserved