Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Will Never Know Why..., a new poem in memory of Christy Philyaw Harrison

My darling, my sunshine, you softly touch my face
With warm, fulfilling sensations
Always bringing us your vigor, humor and grace

I only knew you for a short while
You once told me you loved my way
Which made my day and brought me a smile

It always slays me how the young, so full of promise and life
Seem to have their lives cut short somehow
While others live and lead lives filled with drama and strife

It's like a flickering, tripped out light that should be switched
Because it forever leaves me wondering and heartbroken
Like a freshly cut wound that needs to be stitched

I will never know why your circumstances went so bad, so quick
You seemed so positive those last few weeks and days
We even joked of you stepping in front of my camera lens, and away I'd click

All a distant memory, as seconds turn to minutes, then a day, and another day...
Your messages just less than a week ago, your comments, the laugh in your style
I admit, it already is a fog and it gets muddy, as I try not to let thoughts of you fade away

You are such an inspiration to so many of us, through and through
I just hope you know how much you were loved
Because you evoked a spirit of pure love and innocence, it's true

And so it seems that spirit found a way to release itself from your body so weary
It is no secret all you battled and had to endure through your illness
That is why the fondness of the memory of you now makes me teary

I think of your boy, who will probably miss you more than any newfound friend
And your family, which whether by blood or not, grows by the day
All of us shocked that your physical time with us has come to an end

And with that end comes a new beginning, filled with memories of your steadfast way
I thank you for all the love and support you've shown me and my art
And these thoughts I write on a page, my gift to you to help send you on your way

Even though life for us left behind will go on, because you know it has to
I can firmly attest you made an impact on me, in the short time we knew each other
Time seemed so fleeting to you though, I see it now as your cosmic energy sparks anew

When darkness falls and night takes over, I will look up to the moonlight and think of you
If it is illuminating the sky in the vibrant way it shown the nigh' you left us
I will know it is just your way of making me remember your friendship so tried and true

by Antonio Cassone
Copyright ©2010 Antonio Cassone – All Rights Reserved