Thursday, June 22, 2017

Family Portrait

Me, Mom & Dad, circa 1987

Life was much simpler and sweeter then.

Back When I Was Miranda,,,and a few bonus pics

A collection from back when my drag stage name was Miranda Davison (I just go by Cassone now when I do a show), plus a few bonus pics.  All are of me, unless otherwise noted.

 myself and Genevieve Jedro, a family friend and early supporter of my plays

 out of face at a recording studio

 me w/ Steven aka Skyy Shannon in the background

 myself and my son-in-show, Nkosi aka David Davidson

Throwback Thursday

A smattering of old photos.... Most pics in this post are from the early days of my drag career, unless otherwise noted.

 Calvin the Cat

 Anya, Me and some peeps

 Nkosi aka David Davidson, my son-in-show

Mom and I (when I was little lol)