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Tears and Thunder (1996) - Free Downloads NOW AVAILABLE

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As appreciation to my growing fan base, I have re-released 1996's audio play Tears and Thunder - Free Downloads are available now at ReverbNation

Tears and Thunder was my release of the grief, anger and great sense of loss after the deaths of my father, grandmother and a good friend. It also features songs by Ramona Miles and my father's gift to us all - his Ave Maria - now all available to the public for download.

Written & Performed by Antonio Cassone Produced by Scott Sumner & Antonio Cassone Sound Engineering by Scott Sumner Recorded at The Disc Ltd Co-Starring Ramona Miles and Robert "Rocky" Cassone Photography and Art by Antonio Cassone

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You Inspired Me Today, a poem by Antonio Cassone

You Inspired Me Today

Thank you for becoming my friend
You have put my situation with the man in perspective
Hope we get closer in the end
And we finalize our objectives

Hoping we can spend more time together
Hanging out
In any kind of weather
As storms, in time, will surely come about

We met up
Broke bread
Drank from java's cup
And just dished dirt instead

Not talking about much
But everything all at once
Becoming closer and such
To think we've only been friends a couple of months

Who knows where this will go
But your insightful wit and mischievous laugh
Made my day and shows we have both grown
Into closer friends, no matter how they do the math

Antonio Cassone
Copyright ©2009 Antonio Cassone

from my upcoming poetry book, "Blue Sky, ...Writings for Steven and Other People I Have Loved So Long"

The Smiling Face of a Murderer

Here is my reply to the thread that features the main suspect in Mrs. Johnson's vicious murder...

"Just give me five minutes! FIVE MINUTES! That smug smile... what has the world come to? I used to be an advocate against the death penalty, but now a case has come along where THAT punishment suits the crime. My condolences and deep compassion goes out to the family, but more so to the victim herself. I did not know her personally, but I think on all the people who have helped me and who I have helped and never in a million years would any one of us think something like this could happen. She gave you rides, probably was a good listener to all your teenage woes back in the day and EVEN gave you something to drink right before you vicously, senselessly murdered her. What did it get you? STUFF? Gym shoes and t-shirts are not worth a life, son. Now all I can do is pray. Pray for her family, her poor husband who undoubtedly loved her, her co-workers and friends that will surely be haunted by this, our community that has been rocked and made super cautious and on edge...and in time, I pray that I can even find it in my heart to pray for you and your peeps. You picked the wrong one, wiseguy. Tikkitress Johnson was loved by many. I hope the police and CSI did their due diligence & the prosecution meticulously looks over everything so you get the penalty you deserve. What a sick and EVIL thing you have done. May God have mercy on your soul - that is, if you have one." - CassoneReports,0,

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Two Brothers...

It turns out that two brothers were responsible for the horrendous murder of Tikkitress Johnson. When this news broke, I just shook my head in disgust and angst.

Long Time Coming (and a Long Way to Go)

Log the date - it was 8/15/09. answer Meach's question from earlier about how much weight I have lost and what my goal is...

I was at a friends before the show last night and GUESS what in Sam's name was there on the floor before me...?

A SCALE... Ugh.

So, since I have been feeling svelte these days, I said, "...mmmm, why not?"

I was nervous at first...only because it has been 5+ years since I have been under 350lbs...everytime I went to my Doc - nada...'oh well' we'd say & carry on with my program.

He advised me to not get on a scale till I see him in September, BUT that was only because he felt I was too discouraged.

See, back in January, I was hospitalized overnight after thinking I was having a heart attack. I had this sharp pain on the left side of my neck, my fingers were tingly and this shooting pain went up and down my arm.

Well, thankfully, THAT was due to a pinched nerve (no picnic either, but better than the alternative). It was just where it was, and my doctor (who came down the next morning to visit me personally IN the hospital - who's doctor does that anymore? MINE does...heehee). BUT it got me to thinking... I thought, what IF...people will say I 'had it coming' or (Lord forbid) died because I was fat.

"Well, you know, Antonio was kinda fat?" And the snowball of jokes consuming my mind swirled ... and I thought, enough is enough...

Foregoing false pride, I also need to do this FOR ME. Let's face it, I will be 40 next year the good Lord willing. Besides, I have overcome a lot in my life. Why not fight this battle too? And conquer it!

WHEN I was there I finally was able to find out my weight, as they had a scale that registered a weight over 350 lbs.

I weighed 368 lbs back in January 2009.

My doctor and I were pleased...mainly because we FINALLY knew my actual weight and could gauge it AND I wasn't over 400 lbs like I had originally thought. AND..because of the pinched nerve they ran every test under the sun for my ticker, which showed it was doing fabulously - which also told my doctor and I that we could carry on with my program - and add a bit of exercise in.

Flash forward to April 2009, I was at the same friend's house I was at last night and he had two scales there. I weighed myself on one and it said 356lbs. I was delirious with I got on the other scale to confirm it and it registered 356 lbs.... We were both excited..., but not for long because something was telling me something wasn't quite right.

Sure enough, 356 was the highest most standard bathroom scales go - or so it seemed. I was over it!

So, not sure about my progress or not, I carried on.

Since then, I went on and off my program several times, but the gaps between have been less each time.

I still hear from my good friends, all of you are tagged in this note - THANK YOU for encouraging me, keep it up. Whether you have said something(s) to me in the past, showed me by example with how you live or are in my life right now at work, the shows, even one of you I met here on Facebook... at one time or another something you said or did encouraged me to get to where I am today - and to continue on this path.

Most were nice, and some were actually a bit hard to take, but what has helped me the most are the nice re-enforcements, not the 'you should take this diet' or 'you should take the stairs' or ' you shouldn't eat that.' That drives me the furthest away.

Yes, I do still eat Pizza (had one this week, but split it into three meals - instead of one).

Yes, I take the elevator at work. My knees are shot and while the hips move well on stage, they don't do so well on concrete stairs...but I do take the stairs occasionally (I used to never take them at all).

I exchanged my hot fudge, swirly, french Vanilla ice cream thingy to Lowfat frozen Strawberry Yogurt...

I started lifting weights again (haven't done that since I was in my 20s).

Baby steps...have led to where I am now and will carry me further.

My doc has been awesome too, wanting me to lose my weight slowly, because I have sworn off lap band, tummy tuck, liposuction.. No way. No how are they going to cut this one over here.


First of all, I moved over to my fourth notch on my belt EVERY DAY this week. That, in and of itself, was monumental only because it didn't take long for the first advances across my waistline (1st to 2nd then 2nd to 3rd), but this notch was difficult and long to get to. I am there now - and it feels great.

Then, Saturday night before the show there I was in my friends living room, sipping a cocktail, when I glanced over and saw the scale...

I acted almost on impulse...

I got on and did a double take...

He looked and grinned, saying "No F-in' way!'

I got off, got on again.

I took off my padding for the show to see if the number I was seeng would nudge down, and it did.

He handed me a steel framed chair to hold to see if the figure on the scale went up some more - it did.
Off again, on again - and repeat to confirm...and...

I weigh 344 lbs.

24 lbs lost since the end of January.

It is a good start.

It isn't a lot, but that is about what my doctor had planned for me.

We want a measured...timely weight loss, to keep it off.

This is very exciting and I am so glad I braved it and went ahead and weighed in.

It gives me something to go by now, when for so long I was in the dark.

Thanks to all of my support team, I will keep at it over here.

It's very simple, I know - I just wanted you to know that FINALLY (after so many years) I actually DO know how much I weigh ...and it's under the 350 mark.

That will be nice to keep it that ways and go down the scale even more in time for my doctor's visit in September.

I may have to bring my video camera for that one.

Monday, August 17, 2009

SOCIAL COMMENTARY: My Face Was Red with Anger

by Antonio Cassone

(original article posted on my Facebook Notes - Wednesday, August 12, 2009)

Being the newshound I am, I am usually deeply affected by world events – both great and small. In these trying times, I have followed some of these stories closer than others and carried the burden of other people’s sorrow and anger over passed on loved ones. Death by terrorism, murders, rapes…one victim, two, hundreds, thousands. World disasters seem to come and go all the time in our lives anymore. ‘People die everyday,’ most settle with. I guess it is all right, so long as it doesn’t happen to you and yours. I suppose I may even be selfish of that thought process myself. I believe it is in human nature to feel that way. It could be a basic survival instinct to think so.

So many times, while Jane or Joe Blow are watching the news, wolfing down bagels and reading a fancy magazine article …there I sit, internalizing the story. Making it my own bitter reality. It has helped me grow as an artist doing so, but it is a heavy price to pay. Sleepless hours of the night, restlessness, anxiety, depression…the list grows and grows. The process for me is as natural as tying my shoes or brushing my teeth. I sort of just fall into it. When ‘news’ happens I think long and hard about the details. What were they thinking when they did this? What led them to decide to do that? Did they know what was about to happen was actually about to happen? I could go on and on. It can actually get very detailed – and the movie in my mind plays on.

On Monday morning this week, I got a breaking news alert about a woman found dead inside of a restaurant. It was before the store opened and she was discovered by co-workers, who thought she had fallen and the blood they saw was maybe a result from that fall. However, unfortunately, that was not the case. In fact, she had just been brutally, viciously murdered by two men, who allegedly posed as job seekers. She let these two men into the store under that presumption and they then robbed the store of whatever little cash they could get, stabbed her several times and left her for dead.

Of course, that was not disclosed right away, and as the story unfolded details about the victim came to the forefront. She was a good, churchgoing woman, 39 years old (my age), a devoted employee to that restaurant for 20 years, married to a loving husband for the same amount of time and had three children, who undoubtedly are going through it right now. If you were a customer short some change, she’d let it slide someone spoke of, and may even cover a meal for somebody; if they really needed it. She was in love for as long as she was married. How often do we hear that? She was a lot of employees ‘favorite manager’ and someone they could tell just about anything to.

I got to thinking about that and all of the praise she got for being so good to her community. I imagined the heartbreak of not only her family, but of all her friends, co-workers, even the people in the local business community that she probably served lunch to for many, many years. Think about it. Think of a regular person you see every time you go somewhere at your local grocery store, restaurant, news stand, coffee shop or neighborhood bar; who waits on you and wishes you well on your way. Sure, they may be fleeting moments in a day, but those moments add up over time. I think of a few people in my own life like that; the lady at the grocery store who always asks about my shows; the bagger, who always makes it a point to tell me of his progress in school and at the local gym or the gas station owner who knows exactly how much I am gonna pump, what cigarettes I smoke and pulls my 1 liter diet soda out of the cooler before I even would get out of my car.

I thought about the fact that when this poor woman left her family that morning, probably sipping her very own cup of coffee and hurriedly getting to her place of employment, as she seemed to be the devoted employee; she had no idea what was about to happen would happen. The fact that it has come out that the accused in the case is a former employee is even more daunting because she knew her killer; probably offered her shoulder for him to complain on one day. Sure, I am assuming, but I know a lot of nice, giving people – I am one of them – so I know the type.

She will never hear her children’s laughter again, or celebrate their life events. She won’t look upon her husband’s loving face, or laugh with her friends – ever again. She won’t celebrate her 40th birthday, or greet her many customers with open arms. Nor will they hear her joyfulness for living.

Why?! For what? So some crooked young punk kid could get maybe $100, $200...$1,000 – tell me, how much is a life worth? What is the going rate these days? I wonder.

I was literally red in the face with anger when I read about the details of how the actual crime went down. By his own admission, the accused knew he was going to rob whomever and kill them. He felt he would have to given the fact he would more than likely know his victim, as he was a former employee. She knew him, let him and his friend in under the pretense they were seeking a job and then they robbed her, the store, stabbed her several times and left her for dead.

Absolutely ridiculous.

My mother used to always feel that stabbing someone was far more personal than shooting them. We would joke, as my mother and I often did about serious subjects…we would joke, ‘well, if someone shot me I think I would take it pretty personal.’ Yet, all jokes aside, the fact that when one is stabbing another they have to get in close with the victim. More often than not, unless it is a single slice from behind to the jugular vein; they have to touch one another, grabbing, struggling and human nature would compel a proposed victim to fight or flight. Considering the robbery would have already taken place, one could presume that the victim was already on the defensive. I can only imagine a struggle and two against one can never be good for the one. At time of the release of this article, the accomplice was still being sought.

Then, for the accused to so blatantly admit to the crime and tell detail by detail the plan to carry it out and the actuality of it, the finality of it – literally, my soul raged on. I sent the article I was reading to my co-worker and she replied, as most of us in our local area are just a bit miffed by the unfortunate set of circumstances. She responded with a choice phrase or two about the murderer’s selfishness. I couldn’t reply back to her right away because I had to get up and take a walk.

I thought about all the times of my youth, growing up in Detroit and seeing so many young people’s lives snuffed out. Every year in high school, we lost at least one classmate to gun violence, one even to terrorism. I worked with an advocacy group that promoted anti-violence, only to watch that violence become even more evident. The funerals were plenty, the sense of loss enormous and realizing the sad and bitter truth is that among colleagues and friends, you would have thought we were talking about something as common as the weather, or what we were having for lunch.

A colleague suggested we have become desensitized, as a society, to such things. The flicking of a fly out of our way, so is the thought process of the ins and outs of the daily dramas that are told in mere fleeting moments on our nightly news. It is our way of life anymore. Ponder it for a millisecond and at first cell phone’s ring, text beep or IM it is on to the next little thing. And it doesn’t seem to be a big deal.

A whole life. Gone. Just like that. Does anybody get it? I used to get fired up as an anti-violence activist. I used to feel more sorry for the accused more so than the victims in some cases because the set of circumstances led me to believe everybody, at least everybody should be given a chance to at least explain themselves. I suppose that maybe it is because we need to have an answer. Perhaps, there are reasons and situations in the murderer's life that lead him to come to such a decision.

This is a case where for the first time ever, with such a huge public outcry being heard loud and clear throughout the community, I don’t care to hear an explanation. There IS no explanation. No excuse. The state of Florida carries the death penalty. I would not be surprised if that is brought up when the prosecution puts their case together. I used to be opposed to such, but I think a case has finally come along where that punishment fits the crime.

I hope that the police and crime scene investigators did their due diligence. I pray they were careful to gather any and every bit of forensic evidence to at least put the accused away for life. I would like to think that the victim, with love in her heart for her family and all she knew, was blessed enough to see within an instant what her inevitability was quickly becoming. I hope she had enough in her to fearlessly claw, scratch, bite, pull and tear at the two vultures who took her life so inhumanely. Forensic evidence does not lie. It will be the backbone of the case.

Karari Ritchie is the alleged accused being held in this case. I want you to remember that name and the name of his victim. I have personally set up news alerts for myself, as I am planning to not just let this news story die with the next IM, or phone call or text message. The insensitivity to such life events needs to stop. I don’t know when we became so complacent as citizens, but that could have been any one of us. Just doing our daily routine, our job – and done; just like that. We need to pay attention and see things through. Challenge our lawmakers. Watch the news. Read up on the things going on around you. Become involved.

While Ritchie seemingly knew exactly what he was going to do Monday morning; his victim, Tikkitress Johnson had no idea her life was about to end when she did the most routine of things…going to work. Please keep Tikkitress’ family, friends and all she knew and touched in your thoughts and prayers. Feel free to follow up on her case, as I certainly plan to. We have to keep our ear to the ground and our eyes open. These sort of news stories have become too commonplace.

We do NOT have to stay seated next to the punch bowl and act like it’s supposed to be this way …not if we pay attention, get involved and speak up.

--------This is the news story referred to in this article:

Antonio Cassone is a published freelance writer with two upcoming poetry and essay books, "Ramblings from the Ragged Edge" and "Blue Sky - Writings for Steven and Others I Have Loved for So Long." His previous published works include, "Diva/Cassone" (poetry); "Looking through the Naked Window" (memoir); "Opening the Naked Window" (memoir) and "The Naked Window: Exposed/ Revelations." Cassone is also an accomplished photographer, entertainer and videographer. See more works at

Legacy: Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

Legacy: Michael Jackson 1958 ~ 2009

On Thursday, June 25, 2009, I was sitting at work doing my normal routine. I was already feeling sort of blue and celebrating the life of Farrah Fawcett; such an icon with her famous poster from way back when I was a boy – I remember seeing that on my brother’s wall, cousin’s wall, friend’s wall… It seems like a dot of ink on a page in a book of many; time wise. So, I was sitting at my desk updating the status of my workload when a desktop news alert came creeping up from the right of my screen. I get breaking news alerts at work, home – wherever I am, if it is breaking news I am usually the first person to be the bearer of it to friends and family. This is the little journalist in me, I suppose. After the thoughts on Farrah and Ed McMahon a few days prior and the pondering on the question of whether this was the year of the dying icons, the words “Michael Jackson Suffers Cardiac Arrest” crawled up my screen. My reaction was less than immediate, as I clicked on this devastating news story.

Within two hours, all was said and done. Normally, when a celebrity dies; it is mentioned and I reflect on what they gave to pop culture, to us as a society and to the world in their given fields. THIS was different. “This Is It” – the title of what was to be his farewell tour – was surely the case – quick and in sudden fashion. Fiercely, the news of his death took over the internet, what was seen on television, what was talked about in hallways, on subways and in the streets from Boston to Bombay. It really was fast and collective – a feeling of complete and utter loss. It didn’t really hit me until later that evening, when I was home flicking channels – and something very strange happened. I got emotional – not just shook, but I felt this sudden sense of sadness and loss. I have felt that way before, but it was due to either my parents or a close friend. Michael Jackson certainly was neither – family or friend, but he felt like it.

I instantly went on this weeklong emotional roller coaster; that still is not over, but has been put into personal perspective after much reflection and celebration of his life’s work. I was and have been officially grieving Michael Jackson. How was that possible? I felt bad for not listening to his music for many years, due to rumor and innuendo that he seemingly brought upon himself at the end of the day. For a period of time, I admit that I stepped back from even being a fan of his music. In all honesty, I had stopped listening to his music, would shake my head in disbelief at his appearance and demeanor, and hadn’t really given him much thought recently. I compare it to my ever-declining relationship with my own sister. I say that only as a guide for comparison. Anyone who has read my work knows that is not a big surprise. It happens to everybody from all walks of life. Relationships get damaged over time; due to wear and tear, people changing and life in general. So, my relationship as a mere fan, as it were – had changed to seemingly non-existent.

I gather I am not alone…

That all changed the day he died. All was forgiven. Who am I to hold down anyone’s soul? This musical genius, this artist of artists – the biggest ‘star’ ever in my eyes. Gone – within an instant. Nobody has ever, nor will ever compare. Could it be? I still shirk at the notion – one who seemed so invincible, so outrageous, so damned talented in one pinky finger compared to most of his contemporaries …was human after all. Then I thought I was crazy. He wasn’t all that really. Some naysayers will only look at the success of three albums (Off the Wall, Thriller and Bad) and three albums such a grand endowment is not worthy. I look at the accomplishments from way back, the delivery at such a young age, the sheer entertainment value, showmanship, humanitarian efforts, the evasiveness, the self-doubt, the lack of self–esteem with the world at his feet, the massive crowds, the eccentricities, the craziness, the spectacle, then the writing, the feeling, the depth of the work, the ins and outs of melodies, so much from just one… Michael Jackson sold it – lock, stock and barrel. He was the total and complete package. So, yes, I stand firm in it when I say he had to be the biggest ‘star’ ever. After speaking with colleagues and friends in the industry and seeing other iconic figures (i.e. Liza Minnelli, Diana Ross, et al) make similar statements.

I remember the excitement I felt walking home after a long journey from buying his Thriller album. I recall the joy I felt watching him moonwalk across the stage at the Motown 25 special – and how excited I was for him when he was nominated for an Emmy for that performance. I remember dancing to his music; the car rides with friends where he was the soundtrack, the conversations with my grandmother about the jazz in his music and the flight of his feet, the tears I shared with my mother after seeing the beautiful video for Earth Song, and singing along with my father to We Are the World. So many memories, with so many people near and dear to my heart and soul – and Michael Jackson was there a lot of the time…and I didn’t even realize it until he was gone.

The Kubler-Ross model I studied so much in a Death & Dying class years ago (I know, how morbid…but it certainly has its place, as it is certainty we all collectively as a human race surely have in common), states five steps in the grieving process. The five stages are: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

I went through Denial almost immediately, but very briefly with paparazzi having a photo of him laying dead in the ambulance - just days after sprawled all over the cover of a magazine and on the internet. Why people are intrigued by that part of it enamors me to no end, but I guess they are. I surely didn’t need to see it in the grocery checkout line, as I sipped sluggishly on my smooth and creamy iced latte. I pointed it out to the checkout lady; my friend, Carolyn, who was just as mortified and disgusted. Yet, there we stood looking at it nonetheless. I was going through the Anger, as I addressed my guilt by perusing I-Tunes and refurbishing my collection of my favorite songs by him. Shame on me for being like so many who thought he was guilty of a, b or c – like I said who are we to judge – and even the child molestation allegations didn’t hold up with a jury. At the end of the day, who knows what really happened (save for those directly involved) and a jury acquitted him, yet society looked at him as pretty much an outcast and he seemed to withdraw more and more. We could spend hours looking back on his childhood and all he traded to be the superstar he was.

I was Bargaining as I listened to his music, sometimes tearfully and all those memories came back to me – and I thought…it just couldn’t be. I mean, after all, it is Michael Jackson. The mystical one who seemed like magic right before our eyes so many times was more than mere smoke and mirrors. Maybe it was just another phase he was going through, a big publicity stunt. Then the better (and smarter) part of my subconscious took hold of me. Then I thought maybe people will accept his music as his legacy and not get caught up in the whole mockery and spectacle of it all. Congressman Peter King didn’t really say those mean and nasty things about him did he? I mean which one of us does not have a few questionable skeletons in their closet. No human is perfect. After all, a big part of who and ‘what’ Michael Jackson was …was what we, as a collective society, made him.

Those final two stages I am still working out… Depression only insofar as what a loss, and was he ever truly happy? Not to mention, all those memories listening to his music has brought back – both a blessing as well as a curse. I miss my folks tremendously, so reminiscing about them so much recently adds to the emotiveness. Then I chuckle to myself and think I am crazy to cry …over the death of Michael Jackson?! Get outta here… Then I look at the images I see of the crowds, the shrines, and the parties celebrating his work, the impersonators and illusionists. I see the tears, the sadness, the joy of celebrating a life lived, the recognition that in mortality we see that even iconic figures are actually breathing, flesh and bones human beings.

…and finally – Acceptance…

This is not as difficult as I thought it would be. My spirit tells me all is well with our Michael – he was at peace before the ambulance got there, I do believe that with all my heart. All this drama with the family, the will, the children, the baby mama, the aggressive father, the grieving mother, Diana Ross, Liz Taylor, Liza Minnelli – oh my – none of it matters to Michael Jackson. Not anymore…
Now, it is finally all about his music. Just listen to the tune of it. Listen to Thriller and Just Another Part of Me and tell me you don’t tap your toes and wiggle a little – say no …and you’re a liar. Listen to the humanity in Earth Song and Will You Be There. Eyewitness the recollection in Remember the Time. Hear the sincerity in She’s Out of My Life and Heal the World. Listen to the innocence and plea in Ben and Got to Be There. Rock it out to Beat It and Give in to Me. Go ahead let your hair down with Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough and Billie Jean. Catch the grit and grandeur of Blood on the Dance Floor and Scream. Feel the humanity in We Are the World and Human Nature. I could go on all day with this.

Michael Jackson… Thank YOU for so many memories… Honestly, it truly has been all of my life I have known you – and come to know you – and now I can fully appreciate all that you have given. I am sure wherever you are, you’re soul is looking out over all the outpouring of grief out of love and recollection. You have put a lot of wonderfulness out into the universe and it will be nice to see the realization of the timelessness of that in the years to come. You’ll be right up there with Jimi, Elvis, Judy, John and Janis, as your works of art are for the ages. Our children’s children will be dancing to the beat of your drummer, sir – and from one artist to another I tip my hat to you for all you have given. Rest easy, my friend, your work here is done – go on and enjoy your peace.


ANTONIO CASSONE is a freelance writer, photographer, performance artist and published author. Visit his website at to see more of his works.

To read more about the Kubler-Ross model discussed in this article go to
To hear and see more from Michael Jackson – visit

They Left Behind a Trail of Blood

Just brings chills...imagining what that poor woman went through...

A Few of My Early Photography works with model Anya Allen

Early works as a photographer, the model is one of my best friends from my hometown of Detroit, MI - The Motor City...ahhhh! These are 'Cold,'
'Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?' and 'Sketched' - feel free to visit to see more of my works... Thanks!