Saturday, October 24, 2009

And Things of That Nature, a poem by Antonio Cassone

We went around and around
Because we were playing tag
And things of that nature

We used to hang out, tough
Had fun
Listen to each other
And things of that nature

What happened?
Who got in between?
What frustrates you, frustrates me
You know I can see so clearly

What you don't want to
And others, there are too many others
In the circle
Of this madness

But you know the truth
Was our truth, my proof of your burden's wager
And how you fussed and lied and manipulated
And things of that nature

Antonio Cassone
Copyright ©2009 Antonio Cassone - All Rights Reserved

Brava Diva (Photography Archives #009)

Model: Diva Kingsley
Photo: Antonio Cassone
Haulover Beach, FL, USA; 2006

We woke up at 5 am and drove down to Haulover Beach to catch a most magnificent sunrise and click some pics of Diva. Diva has been one of my most consistent models and has never let me down. We have been friends for 22 years. There has never been a time of disappointment from Diva; whether as a model, entertainer, makeup artist, wardrobe stylist...and, most of all, friend. 22 years of nothing but greatness and ...consistency. Diva was my Photography by Cassone's sites Feature of the Year 2006, is a former Miss Gigi's 1996-97 and captured the title Female Impersonator of the Year 2008. This has remained one of my favorite pics in my portfolio. I especially loved Diva's choice of colors for wardrobe and makeup. We definitely CAN indeed say, as my fellow Italians would: "Brava Diva!"

Anya in Sepia (Photography Archives #008)

Model: Anya Allen
Photo: Antonio Cassone

Anya has a timely timelessness about her and sepia worked well with the mood I was going for in this pic. Aged, but with a tinch of attitude. She delivered. Early on, in my photography, I always wanted to do something different. Not a great photographer, never proclaim to be. I see some other people's work and am blown away, but I don't try to copy their style or figure out how they did what they did - not anymore. I figure we are all different artists who have our own vision. I remember Sinead O'Connor once saying something to the effect that she hardly listens to other people's music - and I thought that was crazy. Now, as both a photographer and writer, I understand her view on that. I look at other works more so out of admiration, or for my own entertainment; never as a guide. I am also not just a "guy with a camera," or as I like to say 'queen with a cam' - ha! However, I do like to take the ordinary everyday person and let them discover their artistic selves. That way both of us grow. I look back on some of my older works from a few years back and yes, I see progress, but I also see I have a long way to go. That being said, I am very proud of all of my models and photos I share with you... as I archive, my history; my progress.

Seven the Hard Way (Photography Archives 007)

Model: Anya Allen
Photo: Antonio Cassone

In a lot of ways, Anya was my first muse... we were at Gigi's and I had my camera and voila - I started snapping pics and have been snapping them ever since. We did more work together and collaborated with Diva Kingsley a few years back. The result of those shoots garnered Anya enough votes to be my Photography by Cassone sites Feature of the Year. It has been three years since we have seen each other, let alone worked with each other, but I am happy to report that she and her partner are coming to South Florida over the holidays. We hope Diva is up for another collaboration...let the snapping begin.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

SOCIAL COMMENTARY: Breaking News - Or Is It?

I have to tell you; with a pile of bills stacking up ever higher versus the amount of money I have coming in to meet them getting less and less, watching friends lose their jobs on a weekly basis (while worrying about my own fate in such matters), having a close friend literally dying from cancer, another threatening suicide every other damn day, not to mention the fact that kids these days seem like they need to be feared on the streets more - so you gotta watch your back even with the tot on a tricycle... I am a bit on edge.

So, I am very picky about time these days. It could also be due to the fact that I will be 40 next year, and doubt I am where I thought I would be in life by that age - then again, who ever is? I am also one of those people who isn't too cool about having my intelligence insulted. That brings me to the other day. I didn't get just one, nor two - three...nope..., but I got FIVE breaking news alerts regarding a boy in a runaway balloon. All which ended up with him hiding in an attic or garage (who knows anymore) from Daddy. And by the looks of Dad and his was no wonder why the brat hid.


This was a major WTF moment for me.

By the end of the day, I gave less than a fat rat's behind about that boy, his fate or his family. I may have cared a bit more if the media didn't feed into whatever that was all about so much. I actually heard a news anchor the next morning say (and I am paraphrasing), 'The nation was gripped for the two hour ordeal.'


Sorry for all of you who were.

It took me back to when Brett Favre returned to the NFL after a second retirement, or was it a third?

Who gives a crap?

And why is this bull funky breaking news.

They seem to think a sneeze is breaking news anymore.

'The Queen of England farted today.'

I mean...seriously.

Before the balloon boy, I didn't care.

During the balloon boy and breaking news 'alerts' - I was annoyed by the distraction.

And after, I REALLY don't give an ish.

Not that I am insensitive to the boy and, yes, thank goodness it all turned out with him being okay, but we are a country involved in not one, but TWO wars with an economy still in the toilet and, quite frankly, our children are bringing guns and knives to school - and using them - AND setting each other ablaze with rubbing alcohol.

I don't have time for re-re-re-retired million dollar football players and fame-seeking aliens from Colorado.

News Flash my fellow press and media peeps - if it's a slow news day, so be it.

We have enough rhetoric.

Report on something with some damn substance and stop trying to catch someone dying on live television already.

Because really, it seems like that is what you are looking for anymore.