Tuesday, September 13, 2011

America's Got Talent - My Pick & Predictions

It has been one entertaining season of America's Got Talent and yes, I voted! Through the season I had a few personal favorites that I split my votes among - Silhouettes, Lys Agnes and Anna Graceman, but from go the smooth, stylish crooner Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. proves you can't judge a book by it's cover. He has paced himself nicely and with a human interest life story to match his talent, it truly is what this show is all about.

For the finals, of my season long favorites he is joined with the music group, POPLYFE; techno dance group, Team iLuminate; and contemporary, inspiration dance troupe, Silhouettes. As much as I would like for Landau to win, Silhouettes and Team iLuminate also fit the bill. Some critics feel it is the year of the dance, so either of those two teams could win. POPLYFE really kinda blew it in the finale with the off key vocals of their fearless leader, who pretty much turned to a crying, gooey mess when the judges gave their honest opinion. "You blew it, honey, now get over it," was what I was thinking.

A big part of me goes back to the power of one, here we have three groups and one soloist. He had to raise the bar for himself each round of competition and has kept up very well. I would definitely pay for his CD or go see his show. And even if Landau doesn't win, I am sure this will not be the last we hear of that sweet, velvet voice. As usual, I will tune in, but it is always fun for me to post my picks for such a thing, my personal ones and then my prediction of how it will all turn out in the end...

My Personal Picks by Rank:

My Winner - Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.
2nd - Silhouettes
3rd - Team iLuminate

My Predictions by Rank:

Winner - Silhouettes
2nd - Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.
3rd - Team iLuminate

...but, I really, really, REALLY want Landau to win!


The results will be revealed during the season finale Wednesday, September 14 @ 8pm on NBC with host Nick Cannon.