Saturday, August 12, 2017

TRIBUTE - a new book of poetry by Antonio Cassone

COMING SOON!  In their 16th published work, Antonio Cassone brings you TRIBUTE, a collection of poems written for loved ones – some living, but mostly for those passed on.  In this journey comes a discovery of living life to the fullest, remembering the importance of showing (and telling) your loved ones they are loved and to give people their “roses while they are still here.”  It is insightful and displays the effectiveness of each individual one crosses paths with in life – whether you have known them for years, or merely through friends and social media.  All lives are connected somehow and these remembrances share a common thread of never forgetting those who touch your life.  The volume is capped with an Epilogue of Acknowledgements providing some insights into the poems in the collection.  The book will be available at Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle edition formats.

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