Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You Inspired Me Today, a poem by Antonio Cassone

You Inspired Me Today

Thank you for becoming my friend
You have put my situation with the man in perspective
Hope we get closer in the end
And we finalize our objectives

Hoping we can spend more time together
Hanging out
In any kind of weather
As storms, in time, will surely come about

We met up
Broke bread
Drank from java's cup
And just dished dirt instead

Not talking about much
But everything all at once
Becoming closer and such
To think we've only been friends a couple of months

Who knows where this will go
But your insightful wit and mischievous laugh
Made my day and shows we have both grown
Into closer friends, no matter how they do the math

Antonio Cassone
Copyright ©2009 Antonio Cassone

from my upcoming poetry book, "Blue Sky, ...Writings for Steven and Other People I Have Loved So Long"

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