Monday, August 23, 2010

Top 10, Evening Gown Competition and Special Categories - Miss Universe 2010 Coverage

Top 10 Contestants for Miss Universe 2010 are:

Miss Ireland - Rozanna Purcell
Miss Albania - Angela Martini
Miss Philippines - Venus Raj
Miss Jamaica - Yendi Phillips
Miss Mexico - Jinena Navarette
Miss Ukraine - Anna Poslavska
Miss Puerto Rico - Mariana Paola Vicente
Miss South Africa - Nicole Flint
Miss Guatemala - Jessica Torres
Miss Australia - Jesinta Campbell

My top five in THIS category are: Ireland; Jamaica; Mexico; Australia & Ukraine (in that order)

Overall MY top five finalists are: Jamaica; Mexico; Ireland; Philippines & Ukraine (with Australia REALLY close...OY - in that order)

We shall see...Woo hoo! LOL.

The time flies when your are blogging in real time.

Pictured: Miss Ireland - Rozanna Purcell

Miss Australia - Jesinta Campbell won Congeniality and Miss Thailand - Fonthip Watcharatrakul won both the Photogenic and National Costume Honors.

For more in depth coverage, photos and community check out the Miss Universe website HERE.



Dominador said...

My Ms. universe is Ms. Philippines-)he,he-)

Cassone: Author - Photographer - Entertainer said...

Thank you... I was really rooting for Venus (Miss Philippines), but she lost it on that final question I think. Thanks for stopping by.