Monday, August 23, 2010

Top 15 and Swimsuit Competition - Miss Universe 2010 Coverage

The top 15, but here goes:

Miss Puerto Rico - Mariana Paola Vicente
Miss Ukraine - Anna Poslavska
Miss Mexico - Jimena Navarette
Miss Belgium - Cilou Annys
Miss Ireland - Rozanna Purcell
Miss South Africa - Nicole Flint
Miss France - Malika Menard
Miss Australia - Jesinta Campbell
Miss Jamaica - Yendi Phillips
Miss Russia - Irina Antonenko
Miss Albania - Angela Martini
Miss Colombia - Natalia Navarro
Miss Guatemala - Jessica Torres
Miss Czech Republic - Jitka Valkova
and Miss Philippines - Venus Raj

These contestants make up the top 15 and in Swimsuit Competition my top faves were: Jamaica; Mexico; Philippines; Ireland and Puerto Rico (in that order)

and overall MY top five thus far in the competition are: Jamaica; Philippines; Mexico; Puerto Rico and Russia (in that order so far)

Pictured: Yendi Phillips, Miss Jamaica


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